Photo Credit: Ly Villmann

Born on the lunar new year in the interstices of the year of the pig and the year of the rat, Janice has often occupied and been interested in the spaces between. As a child, Janice often sensed and saw spirits, or magically found missing objects for strangers. Her elders were often bewildered by her expansive intuition and expressed concerns for her prophetic dreams. As an adult, she didn’t understand her gifts and tried to escape into more intellectual understandings of the world, seeking answers by studying with a scholar’s fervor disciplines like neuroscience, consciousness, theology, the history of alchemy, western philosophy, literary theory, phenomenology, and the occult. After a series of synchronous encounters and devastating losses, Janice found herself back in attunement with her intuition, specifically through telepathic communications with plants and animals. (She still considers her first spiritual teacher to be her first dog, Benny.)

Janice is now a mesa-carrying practitioner of the Q’ero tradition of medicine and energy work (she studied with Rosemary Beam of Rising Fire and completed the Healers Training Program), and is a practitioner of Zen Buddhism in the tradition of Plum Village and Thich Nhat Hanh. She also regularly receives guidance and channeled messages from her ancestors, and is deepening her relationship to Korean indigenous practices. Her work incorporates elements of ancestral healing, Korean shamanic ritual (Muism) and Korean folk magic, plant medicine and flower essence work, card readings and divination, and interspecies communication. Her intuitive gifts are supported by her ancestors and spirit guides.

As a healer, Janice sees her role as holding space for you to facilitate your own self-healing, and to be a guide and support animal as you navigate your unique, individual journey.

Currently, Janice offers her intuitive gifts most regularly through her group workshops (mainly through Corporeal Writing). She also occasionally offers group guided meditations, various one-day workshops, and limited one-on-one card readings and healing sessions. See the Events page for more info and follow her on Instagram (@diddioz) to stay updated on these occasional offerings. Janice isn’t working one-on-one with clients at this time.

Various flower, stone, tree, & environmental essences will soon be available through this website. For now, email her directly to inquire.