I’ll be participating in this great project at the new Los Angeles branch of the Reanimation Library. Details below:

May 4–5*
Your New Image Through Color & Line: Writing & Publication Workshop with Les Figues Press

Les Figues Press will create and publish a reanimated version of Your New Image Through Color & Line. This 1981 book written by Gerrie Pinckney and Marge Swenson, directors of the Fashion Academy in Southern California, recognized that “today’s woman is often juggling a career, family life, and involvement in home and community,” and that “if you look like a winner, becoming a winner is easier.”

Using a tool-box of pre-selected writing constraints, the Les Figues team of writers and producers will re-imagine this text for today’s busy image-maker. What is the difference, if any, between an image made on the page, though a book, or with a body? Together, we will explore the social construction of image-making as performance and creative act. The team will have two days to animate the text. The project will culminate with the publication and performance of the text.

The Les Figues Press team is comprised of individuals who play and have played key roles in the production of Les Figues books—as authors, designers, editors, curators, fundraisers, interns, and more—showcasing the kind of group effort it takes to make books that prioritize language and aesthetics over commercial appeal. All planning and workshop sessions will be held during open library hours, for the public’s viewing pleasure.


Amanda Ackerman, Andrew Wessels, Chris Hershey-Van Horn, Coco Owen, Harold Abramowitz, Janice Lee, Matias Viegener, Michael du Plessis, Renée Petropoulos, Saehee Cho, Teresa Carmody


Planning Session
Sunday, April 21, 1-3 pm

Production Sessions
Saturday, May 4: 12-5 pm
Sunday, May 5: 12-3 pm

Publication Party & Performance
Sunday, May 5: 3 pm

Reanimation Library: Highland Park Branch @ Monte Vista
5442 Monte Vista St (at Ave. 55), Los Angeles, CA 90042