Thursday, November 11, 5-7 p.m. (ET)

The Dandelions Are Prophesizing: A Workshop In Letting Go, led by writer and healer, Janice Lee

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The Pandemic has brought us all to the portal of letting go of the past and living with open arms, allowing for openness and vulnerability and possibility, and accepting what is while still hoping to create the impossible. Letting go isn’t about eliminating desire, ambition, or hope, but about un-attaching ourselves from those hopes, about no longer clinging to a sense of control, about no longer seeing the world in a linear way. When we cling to the hope of a “better future,” we long for a sense of control that has never and will never exist. This workshop, led by Janice Lee (published writer, teacher, shamanic healer) and author of Imagine a Death, will consist of a guided meditation, a freewriting session, and a communal ceremony (that will be finished on your own). Please bring a small object that represents what you need to let go of, or a small stone, that will be buried in the ground after the workshop.