WOHESC (Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference) March 6-8, 2023

Conference Program

Opening Plenary:Making Kin: Writing the More-Than-Human World in the Age of Global Warming

9:50AM Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

In Staying with the Trouble Donna Haraway calls for humans to “make kin” with the rest of the world and within human relationships. As she writes, “Kin is an assembling sort of word.” This concept begs the questions: What do we owe to the other animals and plants? What do we have to learn from them? How would a more relational approach shift human engagement with the rest of the planet? And even as we make kin, how do we then fight for, grieve, and mourn ongoing losses? In this plenary discussion, four writers from diverse fields—including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction encompassing essays, nature writing, and journalism—explore the ways we have, could, and should relate to the more-than-human-world amidst the impacts of global warming.