Check out The Library of Sacred Technologies when it opens April 21. Laura Vena and I will have a pamphlet as part of the library, that is made up of fragments from our collaborative project on the chronovisor and time travel.

The Chronovisor. [download]


Signify, Sanctify, Believe facilitated by Tanya Rubbak, Adam Overton, and Claire Cronin, and featuring the sacred gifts of dozens of contemporary artists, performers, and visionaries, is invested in the temporary, playful exploration of [semi-]fictional religious technologies. Two very special branches will be in residence this Spring: The Saints and Servants of the Order of [Con]Temporary Religious Observance, and The Library of Sacred Technologies.

The Saints and Servants of the Order of [Con]Temporary Religious Observance We sense something in you, something gentle, wise, alive, and ancient. Come … participate in our project, a new religious center full of centers, a temporary haven for creative religious action and thought, where Believers are made and then cast out into the world, only to later believe again in Something Else. Our shared pursuit is to illuminate the relationship between the religious and the creative. We believe that temporary engagement with real and imagined belief systems can lead to heightened and playful awareness in our daily, secular lives. We hope that you might come and be temporarily converted, inducted, or baptized into numerous invented religious orders during our multi-week state of devotion.

The Library of Sacred Technologies is an ephemeral cabinet of mystical and metaphysical wonders, designed to serve and inspire seekers of all dimensions and demeanor. With a mixture of found and invented ephemera in the form of pamphlets and articles of faith, our library features the insightful labor of celebrated best-selling self-published self-helpers, charismatic gurus, religious anthropologists, and other types of sincerely mystical dabblers from Los Angeles. Our L.o.S.T. Reading Room will be open throughout our residency at The Free Church of Public Fiction, and can be perused online beginning 4/21/2011. Come sit down, relax and explore our vast archive, or join us at one of our upcoming fanciful Reading Room gatherings.

Signify, Sanctify, Believe will feature the services, sermons, and invented religious artifacts of dozens of contemporary artists and performers, mostly from Los Angeles.
Albert Ortega, Adam Overton, Alexis Disselkoen, Alise Spinella, Amanda Yates, Amina Cain, Andrew Cox, Andy Robert, Anna Mayer, Asher Hartman, Ayana Hampton, Brian Getnick & Elijah Crampton, Carl Pomposelli, Chris Basset, Christina Ondrus, Claire Cronin, Corey Fogel, Daniel Brummel, Danielle Adair, Dave Weldzius, Davis & Davis, Dawn Kasper, Ecstatic Energy Consultants Inc. (Steven L. Anderson & Tom McKenzie), Eileen Levinson, Elana Mann, Elizabeth Cline, Elonda Billera, Emily Lacy, Erlk├Ânig, Guan Rong, Hannah Henderson, Holly Gressley, Holly Myers, James Klopfleisch, Janice Lee, Jen Bruce, Johnnie JungleGuts, Jonathan Butt, Kara Tanaka, Karl Erickson, Katie Bachler, Laura Steenberge, Laura Vena, Liz Glynn, Marc Herbst, Marcos Siref, Margaret Wappler, Mathew Timmons & Geneva Skeen with Ariana Petrovijc, Joseph Tepperman, Yecenia Torres; Matias Viegener, Michael Parker & Alyse Emdur, Nathaniel de Large, Neil Holyoak, Niko Solorio, Nisa Schoonhoven, Oona Gardner, Riah Buchanan, Robert Cheatham, Robert Summers, Samara Golden, Samuel White, Sascha Goldhor, Sean Dockray, Simone Gad, Solomon Bothwell & Zen Dochterman, Stephen van Dyck, Steven L. Anderson, Tanya Rubbak, Teresa Carmody, The Eternal Telethon, Vera Brunner-Sung, Victor Hu, Zach Kleyn, and others!