by Will Alexander & Janice Lee
32 pages
November 2013
Solar Luxuriance

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Through this poetic conversation between two poets there emerges a third voice which addresses an infinite sense of today, of tomorrow. In the “micro-annihilation” of an impossible existence, a certain sense of magic is required to desist. What is this book—one might ask—is it poetry? prose? It is communication, it is invocation, it is resistance. “Prayer is not a ritual or action but a hand reaching into the ether in an attempt to touch something.” One must learn that there is always something away from boredom: experience.

The Transparent as Witness as a collaborative text is not so much a fusion as a call and response between two linguistic poles, the extra galactic igneous superstructures of Will Alexander responded to by the sub numinous ghostly human corollaries of Janice Lee. Seemingly disparate at first, two spectacular voices reacting to each other’s cosmic reverberations and echoes, the two slowly meld and enigmatically a third voice seems to manifest, making the text both more complex and surprisingly more luminous. Side by side we encounter such assertions as these: ‘The fragile shudder of the dream wolf who nudges at the small of your back. You are in the wrong place. Or this is the wrong time.’ ‘…in-human suns rising and setting over the wrathful sky of Saturn.’ This is an apocalyptic read, immaculate with surface tension yet riddled with the mysteriously ineffable encounters of consciousness with its other.”
– Ivan Argüelles

“Will Alexander and Janice Lee’s The Transparent As Witness is testimony of a seemingly telepathic interplay between alien philosophy and vital insight into the Imaginal. They give their thoughts room to breathe, to expand, to inhabit a vertical space branching off into boundless territory where something seems ancient, where language is magnetized to the unseen. It is akin to watching dreams unfold, sustaining its internal momentum through the clarity of ascension. The constancy of their vision is grandiose and in tune with an unborn language. They provide the cerebral ignition needed to come in contact with the infinite.”
– Chris Moran