&Now Festival of New Writing: Tomorrowland Forever!

OCT. 13 – 15, 2011 @ UCSD (La Jolla, CA)

&NOW is a festival of fiction, poetry, and staged play readings; literary rituals, performance pieces (digital, sound, and otherwise), electronic and multimedia projects; and intergenre literary work of all kinds, including criti-fictional presentations and creatively critical papers.

Will you be attending &NOW? Check out the following panels:

TH 10:00-11:15 AM

Electronic Literary Journals At The Limits And Beyond The Possibilities Of The Digital
Amanda Goldblatt / Eric Lindley, Joe Milazzo / Jason Snyder / Mathew Timmons

This conversation will document how electronic literary journals have contributed to our understanding of what it means both to speak and to be online, and will propose new strategies of truly aesthetic engagement with what the Internet, language and reading are becoming.

FRI 11:30-12:45 PM

The Mad Science of Narrative: Temporal Horizons and Neurological Transcendence
Janice Lee / Joseph Milazzo / Laura Vena / Jon Wagner

An exploration of the field of “experimental” narrative via considerations of the nouveau roman, science fiction and the paranormal, translation, cinematic time, and the paradoxes of transcendence as encountered in narrative terms.

SAT 11:30-12:45 AM

21st Century Lit As Mashup
Roxanne Carter / Janice Lee / John Dermot Woods / c. vance / Christopher Grimes / Doug Rice

Jaded Ibis Press authors discuss their perspectives on the convergence of their literary manuscripts with visual art, music and video, focusing on what these collaborations tell them about interpretations of their own writing and what they see as future creative possibilities provided by the Press’s multiple-edition/multimedia collaborative structure.