&NOW 2018, & Whenever It’s Needed
A Festival of New Writing

October 5-7, 2018 ​
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN


Saturday, October 6 • 10:35am – 12:00pm

Co-Dependencies: Affected Bodies & the Languages of Personhood

Kimberly Alidio
Michelle Detorie
Brenda Iijima
Janice Lee
Soham Patel

How are the frames of reference and relationships between and of living being: plants, animal, (including human animals) activated, and how do these activations create new conditions for increased sensitivities among others(ness)? That is, how do bodies and worlds articulate each other, how does a human body allow an animal’s world to affect her, and in turn, how does a human’s world affect an animal’s body? Or, how do we learn to be affected? By disbanding normative and normalizing positionality vis-à-vis bodily and psychic interrelationality with other animal and plant presences, how does personhood expand and gain complexity manifoldly. Exploring how various systems of language, knowledge and sensing create relations between different bodies, this panel will explore notions of personhood, co-dependency, interspecies communication, insurgency, queerness, and polyphony.

Saturday, October 6 • 2:35pm – 3:50pm

Making a Language We Can Learn: Poetics as Collaborative Praxis

Harold Abramowitz
Janice Lee
Andrea Quaid
Dennis James Sweeney

In our creative-critical presentation, we reimagine the temporal and spatial boundaries of the conference panel – extending our poetic making as collaborative praxis before and after the realtime &NOW Notre Dame event. Invoking Paulo Freire’s definition of praxis as “reflection and action directed at the structures to be transformed,” we ask: what becomes possible when we begin our panel before the panel? What new conceptions of sense-making and text-making happen if we bring this work to the actual panel and invite attendees to join a making that will extend beyond our gathering together in a room? How might new considerations of collaboration spark innovative, process-oriented approaches to poetry, narrative and performance? What emergent communities are put into motion in this praxis?

In the spirit of alternative structures that embody constitutive, living energies – rhizomatic, mycorrhizal, vibrational, and prismatic – we seek new ways of making creative work. We begin with a public call for submissions around an initial question: What do we do together? Next, we will curate the texts into a print publication launched at the panel, where we will read and perform from the publication and discuss our process. Simultaneously, we will launch an online version, inviting attendees to live annotate and co-create during and after the panel. In this way, the text moves into new iterations of itself, absorbing &NOW energies, carrying and transmuting them into the ongoing publication. Where will this take us and who will this us be when the panel beyond the panel continues…