Novum: A Compendium of Theories, Ideas, & Explorations For the Curious and the Creative


Novum #5:

Around the Day in Eighty Worlds: Assembling/Disassembling Narratives

7pm Saturday 5/19/12
Avenue 50 Studio
131 N. Avenue 50
Highland Park, LA, CA

Felipe W.Martinez
David P. Earle
Kate Hoffman

FELIPE W.MARTINEZ studied Literature & Writing at UC San Diego. He is the creator of AMISSINGBOOK.COM, an online literary project that aims to investigate the absence of Brazilian author João Guimarães Rosa from English literary discourse. He lives in San Diego, California, where he works in public education.

Assembling: A Missing Book: An investigation into the disappearance of João Guimarães Rosa in America: Independent Scholarship in the 21st Century: Translation: Political/Cultural/Geographical/Linguistic Crossings: ∞

DAVID P. EARLE is a Los Angeles-based artist and writer. His work has been featured at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Telic Arts Exchange (Los Angeles), The Fellows of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) and The IFC Center (New York). Recently he was the artist in residence at The Artist Studio in Pasadena. He is the editor and curator of “The Open Daybook,” a perpetual calendar featuring the work of 365 contemporary artists which was published in book form by Mark Batty Publisher (Random House) and exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in January 2011. He is an adjunct faculty member in The School of Critical Studies at CalArts and a faculty member of The Armory Center for the Arts.

David P. Earle will invite the audience to participate in a puzzle building project as he simultaneously discusses the jigsaw puzzle as an object of art in perpetual motion.

KATE HOFFMAN is a Los Angeles-based artist. Hoffman received her BFA from Maryland College Institute of Art and her MFA from UC San Diego. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States as well as in Mexico and France, and she recently had a solo show at the Greenleaf Gallery at Whittier College. Additionally, Hoffman completed a residency at Centre Est-Nord-Est in Quebec and has done research in Budapest, Hungary and Berlin.

To be discussed at Novum is Hoffman’s recent work “Liquid Gold-Black Gold, the Golden Age of Whaling.” Reflected in the project “Liquid Gold-Black Gold” are the whale’s migration paths preceding the 1850′s, the whalers that pursued them, and the system of escape used by slaves now known as the Underground Railroad. These three systems of movement are at times asynchronous, and at other times they become entwined and directly engaged. Through the use of found imagery, documents from the abolitionist movement and narratives of escape from slavery, the various intersections are expressed in a series of paintings and sculpture.

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