Readings in/around KEROTAKIS

Celebrate the release of KEROTAKIS (Dog Horn Publishing, 2010), Janice Lee’s postmodern exploration of consciousness, form and narrative, as it follows the journey of G.I.L.L.

7:30 PM Saturday, June 26

Avenue 50 Studio

131 N. Avenue 50  /  Highland Park, CA  90042

KEROTAKIS is a contemporary reimagining of Frankenstein that takes us forwards, backwards and sideways through time and space:

With enormous tenderness and craft – – (this writer is a design genius in a way that extends to the wiring of the lines themselves) –  Lee asks her readers: What erodes an originating point?  Why do people disappear?  What brings a body back to the optic and sensate domains, where it thrives, where it has a love, where it had a mother?
(Bhanu Kapil)

Beyond the graphic, philosophical, narrative and poetic splendors of Janice Lee’s dazzling generic experiment Kērotakis is a more cruel beauty and a more devastating realization—that the multifarious speculation of consciousness in manipulative exile and in heartbreaking dialogue with its origin and its future is, and always has been, consciousness itself.
(Jon Wagner)

The evening will include readings/performances by:

Vanessa Place
Matias Viegener
Teresa Carmody
Anna Joy Springer
Will Alexander
and Janice Lee.
MC: Laura Vena

Light refreshments will be served, books will be available for purchase.