Errata Salon

Weird Essays, Unexpected Histories, Nonconformist Lectures, Works In Progress.
Monthly at Betalevel.

An Ongoing Nonfiction Reading Series

This Month: SLOWNESS
Janice Lee + Jared Woodland, David Eng, Jason Brown
Thursday, April 24th, at 8pm. Lectures start at 8:30


Janice Lee + Jared Woodland

Apocalypse Withheld: Janice Lee & Jared Woodland will discuss the function of slowness and the long take in Béla Tarr’s Satantango.

David Eng

David Eng observes the glacial pace and urban space in Tsai Ming-liang’s short film Walker.

Jason Brown

zota brings the slow jamz, with an examination of layering and repetition in sound.