We’ve been hearing strange things about you. We’re not quite sure what to believe. We think it would be best to discuss it in person, and even then, maybe not out loud. You have to catch these rumors early, right, clear things up before they spiral out of control.


Karen Adelman // Diana Arterian // Sam Bloch // Andrew Choate // Sam Cohen // Claire Cronin // Kate Durbin // Emma Zakes Green // Jen Hutton // Emily Kiernan // Janice Lee // Joseph Mosconi // Jacqueline Suskin // Stephen van Dyck // Laura Vena // Emerson Whitney // Peter Woods

Come quietly.

ENTER>text is a living literary journal, an immersive series of events where the audience is activated to seek out their own unique encounters with writers. We strive to explore the textual nature of our surroundings, always searching for new voices, histories and fictions.

Created and Directed by Henry Hoke and Marco Franco Di Domenico