5PM Sunday, September 7

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Things are different up here. We can’t quite hear the city. We can barely make out the lights through the valley. But something’s not right. Maybe this isn’t our house; maybe these aren’t our memories. It’s almost like we’re being monitored. Like we’re under surveillance by tiny machines or giant eyes. Is there a world outside anymore? Where is the glow from our windows leading us? What they say about a watched pot has never been true.

Come on up,

Diana Arterian // Sam Bloch & Mark Gerard // Andrew Choate // Claire Cronin & Meriwether Clarke // Stacy Elaine Dacheux & Danielle Sommer // Kate Durbin // Stephen Van Dyck // Emma Zakes Green // Brigitte Nicole Grice // Dan Hockenson // Jen Hofer & Yelena Gluzman // Jen Hutton // Emily Kiernan // Janice Lee & Laura Vena // UNFO (with Harold Abramowitz, Amanda Ackerman & Andrea Quaid) // Matias Viegener // Writ Large Press (with Peter Woods & Chiwan Choi)

Mount Washington, Los Angeles – Address will be sent to you before the event.

The event is free. RSVP here- http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/831481


ENTER>text is a living literary journal, an immersive series of events where the audience is activated to seek out their own unique encounters with writers. We strive to explore the textual nature of our surroundings, always searching for new voices, histories and fictions.

Created and Directed by Henry Hoke and Marco Franco Di Domenico