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Drunken Masters – 8pm (part of DTLAB organized by Writ Large Press)

A new works-in-progress reading series that puts you in front of established writers–who may or may not be sober.

Each session two professional writers are invited to be “first responders,” giving feedback to our readers and facilitating a conversation with the writer and audience.

We’re calling it “Drunken Masters,” becuase we’ve bribed our professional writers with the promise of booze (or in some cases chocolate) to share with us their wisdom. It will be fun and laid back, so take a risk, and share with us that new story, poem, pitch or script you’ve been working on.

If you would like to sign up to read a 7-9 minute excerpt of a new work, email

This installation features three of the most unique and innovative poets, writers, and artists in our community:

Jen Hofer

Janice Lee

Andrew Choate