Co-Dependencies: On Healing, Remembering, Breathing & Writing Trauma

Sunday, September 15, 2019
3:00PM – 4:30PM
Lawrence Public Library

Instructor: Janice Lee

“What really exists is not things made but things in the making.” – William James

How are the frames of reference and relationships between and of living beings activated? That is, how do different bodies and worlds articulate each other, or, how do we learn to be affected? How do we reconcile personal experience with historical fact? How do we reconcile history with memory? How do we reconcile truths with other truths? How does writing open up space while processing trauma or grief?

We will explore the articulation of personal experience, identity, and trauma (both lived & inherited) and look at the relationship of personal history & identity with aesthetics & narrative. We will explore how the presence of unresolved corporeal history and the impossibility of articulation or expression leads to new encounters in language and narrative via various aesthetic writing practices. We will also explore notions of personhood and interspecies communication through exercises in seeing, writing, breathing, and sensing.

There will be writing prompts, guided meditations, intuition exercises, shamanic practices, divination, mapping, unbinding wounds & trauma, and communing with plant & animal beings.

Free and open to the public.
Location: Meeting Room B
Bring a notebook/paper, something to write with, and a rock or stone of your choosing.

More info at Lawrence Public Library