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By admin on April 10, 2010 in News & Updates
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[out of nothing] is taking open submissions for our upcoming online issue #4 and our first print anthology.

We are now open to submissions for our fourth online edition of the journal—with the theme, “In excess of all that is proper, shapely” — as well as for a special print anthology. As usual, we ask that you submit to us, at shelling.peanuts@gmail.com, your textual, aural, visual, poly/ambi-medial work, that we may publish it in both/either of these formats.

You would be well-advised to consult our earlier publications at [out of nothing] as a guide to the type of work we’re interested in: to supplement this understanding and ideally stimulate your thinking about a new piece made particularly to address the issues that consume, or rather, are consumed by us, we offer the following potential topics:

the vacuum, salvage / remainders, imaginary spaces possessed of imaginary dimensions, darkness / lightlessness, reduced or infinitesimal means, the exponential, self-abnegating symbols, the blank, obliteration, the inconsequential, refusal, the contentless / general contentlessness, the generic and / or undifferentiated and / or the contra-original, adhesive agents in search of clients to bind, none of the above or below

*We ask that you do not submit previously published work; we will draw from our own reserves for The Familiar.

(shelling.peanuts@gmail.com / Deadline: April 30, 2010)
[Journal Statement]

And additionally,

[out of nothing] is pleased to announce the release of Issue 3 […that there were some ah-ness to things]

featuring work by,
Achraf El-Bahi  /  Luis Panini  /  Douglas Kearney  /  Mathew Timmons  /  Alfred Brown  /  Matias Viegener  /  Jen Hofer  /  Morgan Craft  /  Jenny Yurshansky  /  Nikki Allen  /  Jesse Seldess  /  Kevin Varrone  /  Tim Kahl  /  Kyoung Kim  /  Vadim Bystritski  /  and emcee: Teresa Carmody



And read more about [out of nothing]’s 3rd issue on the CalArts Blog.