[out of nothing] #5 – Call For Submissions!

By admin on November 4, 2010 in News & Updates
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Call For Submissions –> http://www.outofnothing.org/relevance/

<>Call For Submissions</><>[out of nothing] #5, “out of a system declaring nothing out of relevance”</><>www.outofnothing.org</><>Stop Words</><>Straws, grasping, the dark spaces of another language, system declarations, flagged, reverting, exceptions, fuzzed out, search.</><>Deadline: January 1, 2011</><>[out of nothing] is an electronic publication featuring new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media.</><>mailto: shelling.peanuts@gmail.com</><

>A Few Things You Might Care To Know Before Submitting</><>Prospective contributors would be well-advised to consult previous issues of our publication here {http://www.outofnothing.org/109/], here {http://www.outofnothing.org/509/}, here {http://www.outofnothing.org/310/} and here {http://www.outofnothing.org/910/} as a guide to type of work in which we are interested.  Unfortunately, we cannot at this time offer any monetary compensation for accepted work.  We acquire serial rights in North America and only consider previously unpublished work (online or print). We ask that you credit [out of nothing] as the first place of publication.  Simultaneous submissions are okay but we kindly request immediate notification if the piece is picked up by another publisher.  We fully support Creative Commons licensing for any or all of the work we publish. Should you wish to include a CC licensing agreement with your piece / pieces, please provide the desired terms. We can then work together to ensure proper registration of your work.  There is no word limit on submissions. We accept all standard file formats but we prefer compressed files (mpeg, jpeg, etc.) for initial evaluation. We will ask for originals/high resolution files upon acceptance. (No .docx files please. We’re still in the MS Office Stone Age.) Submitters should bear in mind that ours is a web publication and that issues of storage and bandwidth always apply. We will verify all formatting, etc. upon acceptance.  We prefer submissions in the form of email attachments. Please include your name (first and last) in the file name of the attachment in your message. Please include multiple submissions in a single file with a cover page detailing the contents of your submission.  When submitting, please include the following information, in the following format, in your subject heading: [Lastname.Nothing].   Submissions may be accompanied by a 50 – 100 biographical note, either attached or pasted in the body of your message.  All submissions will be reviewed by at least 3 readers.  Please allow 3 – 6 months response time.</><>http://www.outofnothing.org/relevance/</>?>

[out of nothing] http://www.outofnothing.orgnow available: issue #4, “in excess of all that is proper, shapely” (Earth Smoky, 2010) | http://www.outofnothing.org/910/