Short Bio:

Janice Lee is the author of KEROTAKIS (Dog Horn Press, 2010), Daughter (Jaded Ibis, 2011), Damnation (Penny-Ante Editions, 2013), Reconsolidation (Penny-Ante Editions, 2015), and The Sky Isn’t Blue (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016). She is Editor of the #RECURRENT Series at Civil Coping Mechanisms and Founder/Executive Editor of Entropy.

Long bio:

Janice Lee is a writer, artist, editor, designer, curator, and scholar. Interested especially in the relationships between metaphors of consciousness, theoretical neuroscience, and experimental narrative, her creative work draws upon a wide variety of sources. Her obsessive research patterns lead her to making connections between the realms of technology, consciousness studies, the paranormal & occult, biological anthropology, psychology, & literary theory. Her current interests include the filmic long take, slowness and slow TV, architectural spaces, and the concept of han in Korean culture. She is the author of KEROTAKIS (Dog Horn Press, 2010), a multidisciplinary exploration of cyborgs, brains, and the stakes of consciousness, Daughter (Jaded Ibis, 2011), an experimental novel, Damnation (Penny-Ante Editions, 2013), a book-length meditation and ekphrasis on the films of Hungarian director Béla Tarr, Reconsolidation (Penny-Ante Editions, 2015), a lyrical essay reflecting on the death of Lee’s mother, and most recently, The Sky Isn’t Blue (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016), a collection of travel essays inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space. Decapitation, a poetic and ekphrastic collaboration with Michael du Plessis, is forthcoming from Penny-Ante Editions in 2017. She also has several chapbooks Red Trees, Fried Chicken Dinner (Insert Blanc Press), The Other Worlds (eohippus labs), and The Transparent As Witness (Solar Luxuriance), a collaboration with Will Alexander. She is currently working on several collaborations including a critical book on Béla Tarr’s 7-hour film Satantango with Jared Woodland and an ekphrastic project about fictional decapitations in films with Michael du Plessis. She has presented scholarly papers on topics such as consciousness studies, psychology, theoretical neuroscience, hybrid poetics, and experimental narrative at various conferences internationally. She was selected by John D’Agata as Black Warrior Review‘s 2011 Nonfiction Grand Prize Winner. She holds a BA in Literature/Writing (with minors in Biological Anthropology & Film Studies) from UCSD and an MFA in Creative Writing/Critical Studies from CalArts and currently lives in Los Angeles where she recently helped develop a new program called Codetalk, a program that teaches web development to low-income women housed at St. Joseph Center and funded by Snapchat, is the Editor of the #RECURRENT Series for Civil Coping Mechanisms, Assistant Editor at Fanzine, Founder and Executive Editor of Entropy, Contributor at HTMLGIANT, Co-Editor (w/ Maggie Nelson) of SUBLEVEL, the new online literary magazine based in the CalArts MFA Writing Program, and CEO/Founder of POTG Design, a web design & development company that specializes in web design for creative individuals and organizations. She currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches at CalArts.


  • Intro to Creative Writing
  • Experimental Fiction
  • Short Fiction
  • Graphic Texts: Looking at Text and Image Combined
  • Interface Culture: Experimental Narrative in a Multimedia Age
  • Advanced Creative Writing – Literary Hauntings: The Paranormal, the Eccentric, the Sacred
  • Han: Trajectories in Korean and Korean-American Experimental Writing
  • Creative Nonfiction / Essay

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